Duration – 60 minutes, (direct video consultation)
Consultation Fee – $195

Follow-up Visits

portrait-of-senior-couple-holdDuring follow-up visits you and your doctor will review your clinical progress with your initial treatment recommendations.  We will change and refine your treatment plan, as needed, to enhance any gains that may have already been achieved. Follow-up sessions will include the following, as appropriate, for each patient:

  • The data that you collected in your sleep logs is regarded as critical clinical data in your overall assessment. We will upload your completed sleep log data into a statistical program and the compiled data findings will be reviewed with you.
  • Sleep logs, though being a subjective questionnaire, are still considered to be a scientifically reliable and valid measure of sleep and wake functioning. As such, the relevant aspects of your sleep log data are reviewed in-depth with you. These data serve to direct further treatment refinement and increase the understanding of patient’s sleep difficulties when they are used for such purposes.
  • We will discuss your experience with the treatment recommendations. As they are considered a natural occurrence in nearly all health care interventions, barriers to treatment implementation and treatment success will be discussed. We will strategize ways to overcome any potential barriers to treatment success.
  • A re-assessment of current physical and mental health status is reviewed as it relates to your sleep problems. We will look over any medications that you are taking that might be affecting your sleep. We will reassess for the presence of any physiological sleep disorders that might be present (e.g. sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, etc.). If consultation with other health care providers might be necessary, we will discuss ways to get appropriate referrals for such services.
  • man-on-cellBefore the end of the session, revisions to the treatment plan will be made and the rationale of each treatment recommendation and any changes in treatment will be thoroughly reviewed with you.
  • Your doctor will review each recommendation in your written and revised treatment plan. Any questions or concerns will be addressed.
  • It is likely that you will now understand that your own collected sleep log data are critical in your treatment and in your understanding of your presenting sleep problem. Your doctor will continue to expect you to collect simple sleep log data every morning before your next appointment. At the start of your next visit, your log data will be uploaded into a statistical program and the compiled data findings will be reviewed with you.