Duration – 15 minutes (direct video consultation)

Consultation Fee – $00.00


You can schedule a direct video consultation with Dr. Fridel by clicking the “Free Initial Consultation” tab above and then by following the simple instructions. (Using this method of securing an appointment guarantees a reserved time.)

You are also quite welcome to call us by telephone at: 847.986.6201. Many patients initially contact us by telephone to ask for assistance with initiating the videochat service or because it is their preference to talk by phone.

These no-obligation chats with Dr. Fridel are usually quite brief.  The time is mostly spent in discussion about the sleep-related problem in order to determine if you would likely benefit from a course of clinical treatment.

Using this website to schedule a videochat consultation provides a chance for any prospective patients to experience the ease and simplicity of our video-based clinical service.

* [All electronic data and personal health information shared with Global Insomnia Solutions is always kept strictly confidential and is digitally encrypted and secured according to current HIPAA regulations.]