Global Insomnia Solutions LLC is an American small business based in the state of Illinois.  Our primary service to our customers is providing online clinical telehealth treatment for sleep disorders.  Services are rendered by direct private clinical contact via two-way video encounters between doctor and client for a pre-paid allotment of time.  G.I.S. uses an encryption-secured and password accessible web-based video program.  The technological aspect is easy enough to make our clinical services available to even very casual users of the Internet.  This type of tele-medicine service provides greater convenience and flexibility for customers that might not otherwise have practical access to such therapeutic services.

All services will be provided from an office located within the state of Illinois.  There are initial barriers to providing services across both state and international borders.  These bylaws are regulated by each individual state and country according to state and international professional psychology administrative boards.  They each require specific applications and fees to provide services within any new region (state, province, country, etc.). The aim of our business is to truly make the services we offer become globally available.  Thank you for your patience with us while we endeavor to expand into your geographical area. Please consider signing up for our newsletter in the green footer area below to receive quarterly updates on newly available states and provinces.