Duration – 60 minute,
Consultation Fee- $195.00

For patients under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must be present for the entirety of the appointment time. All telecommunication correspondence is only with a legal parent or guardian. Naturally, we encourage all parent/guardians in the family to attend the session if this is preferred.

  • A thorough clinical interview with Dr. Fridel is conducted by video-chat to determine the nature of the sleep problem. A careful review of the history and progression of your child’s sleep problem is reviewed.
  • The data that you provided in your pre-appointment questionnaire is regarded as critical clinical data in your child’s overall assessment. We will review of all of the relevant aspects of the pre-appointment questionnaire during your appointment.
  • The current physical and mental health status of your child is reviewed as it relates to their sleep problems. We will also review of any medications that they are taking that might be affecting their sleep. Your doctor will ask specific questions to determine if any physiological sleep disorders might be present (e.g. sleep apnea, parasomnias, bed-wetting, etc.)
  • You and the doctor will have a lengthy discussion about the factors that are contributing to your child’s nighttime and daytime symptoms. The development of chronic sleep problems is the result of many potential factors. As such, we will be reviewing psychological, physiological, sociological and behavioral influences to your child’s particular sleep problem. All relevant current scientific research findings related to your child’s sleep problems will be thoroughly discussed with you and your child (when age-appropriate).
  • Before the end of the session, an initial treatment plan is developed that will precisely target your child’s specific sleep difficulties. All treatment recommendations will take into consideration your child’s specific age, developmental stage, temperament and medical presentation. The scientific rationale of each treatment recommendation will be thoroughly reviewed with you until a complete understanding of their clinical aims is achieved..
  • Your doctor will review each recommendation in your child’s written treatment plan. Potential barriers to successful implementation of the treatment recommendations will be discussed and mutually resolved. Any questions or concerns will be addressed.
  • Your doctor will expect you to collect simple sleep log data every morning between your initial session and your follow-up appointment. If the child is old enough, we encourage them to do this by themselves since this often increases adherence and interest in treatment. At the start of your child’s second visit, your log data will be uploaded into a statistical program and the compiled data findings will be carefully reviewed.