All that is needed for your appointment is your preferred electronic device, a stable broadband internet connection and a private environment. A wide range of electronic devices are compatible with our servers: laptop and desktop computers, tablets, and even smart phones.

Dr. Fridel will be presenting text information and images to you during your appointment using a ‘shared screen’ application on our encrypted video server. To best enhance their treatment experience and to optimize the various cutting-edge technologies we offer, most patients prefer a screen size larger than those available on mobile phones. However, it is critical that the device you are using has either a built-in or external camera.  If you are not sure, it is perfectly fine to use your mobile smart phone.

Sleeping Baby In Bed

To begin, Dr. Fridel will do a thorough assessment of the wide variety of factors that are likely contributing to your sleep problem/insomnia. The data you provide to us on your per-appointment questionnaire is regarded as crucial clinical data. Naturally, no questionnaire can capture all the intricacies of your sleep problem.

During your appointment, Dr. Fridel will carefully assess for co-occurring physical conditions and psychological difficulties that may be associated with your sleep problem.  We always recommend that you provide Global Insomnia Solutions with permission to share your assessment and clinical findings with your primary medical of mental health care provider. This results in better treatment response and outcomes and later provides a smoother “continuity of care” at treatment completion.

When appropriate, we may recommend a referral to a local health care provider for assessment or treatment of related health problems. For example, we quite frequently recommend, if warranted, that you get a referral to a local sleep disorders center for an evaluation of a possible physiologically-based sleep disorder (eg. Sleep Apnea, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, Narcolepsy, etc.).

Sleeping Baby In Bed

Sleep is considered a “core” behavior. Patients find that when their sleep improves, they also experience improvement in other areas of their lives: better mood, less anxiety and irritability, improved inter-personal relations and enhanced quality of life are the some of the most frequently reported outcomes. The primary purpose of sleep is to restore and repair our bodies and our minds.  In effect, sleep is a crucial part of our ability to heal.

Nearly all sleep disorders are associated with some form of daytime impairment in functioning and for this reason much of current thinking in sleep science views sleep disorders more accurately as “sleep-wake disorders.”  Specific treatment of your sleep disorder can occur concurrently with any other mental health therapy and together they are viewed as complimentary.

Sleeping Baby In Bed  Sleeping Baby In Bed

One of the obvious advantages with using telehealth services for your healthcare is its convenience.  We offer appointments on weekends and at times that are not typically offered by providers in a traditional offline office visit.  Our patients routinely express their delight in having a personal and in-depth doctor’s office visit in the privacy of their home or office without the hassles of traveling, taking precious time off from work, spending long periods in waiting rooms, etc.

For over 10 years, the scientific literature investigating the effectiveness of telepsychology services has produced consistent results that clinical treatment outcomes are quite comparable with more conventional “in-office” therapy. We have found that patients having even a modest familiarity with online electronic technology have no difficulty accessing and using our service.

Sleeping Baby In Bed  Sleeping Baby In Bed

Long-lasting sleep disturbance can occur at any age during the lifespan. Our patients range in age from two-years old through late adulthood.  The potential for treatment success is not at all impacted even if a patient has had a ‘life-long’ problem.  In fact, many of our patients with decades-long sleep difficulties experience the most impressive improvements in their sleep quality.

Conversely, we urge interested patients to not “wait until it just goes away” if they have been experiencing persistent sleep problems. This is especially true in relation to some of the more common pediatric sleep disorders such as bed-wetting, night terrors and bedtime-related anxiety that may be affecting sleep quality.


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