Testimonial #1 (March, 2016)

I reached out to Dr. Fridel via a referral from my sleep specialist because I had continuing difficulty falling asleep at night.  Warm milk and reading at bedtime hadn’t worked, but I had never thought about reaching out for help getting to sleep.  I was little anxious about seeing a sleep behavior therapist – What would he do? Psychoanalyze me?  Ask me if I hated my father?  But the experience was extraordinary.  Dr. Fridel immediately put me at ease.  In the one hour I met with him I:

Experienced an extremely educational, informative session about sleep, taught with humor and compassion

Learned I had chronic insomnia that could be helped

Found out that staying up later (which I love) may actually help me get to sleep faster

Fell in love with the CPAP I had yet to meet

Found hope that very soon I would be getting some sleep

Between my first and second appointment I began falling asleep faster and couldn’t wait to begin CPAP therapy.  Why?  Because what Dr. Fridel recommended worked!

God bless you, Dr. Fridel, in this new opportunity to reach and help more people like me.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell others about how you changed my sleepless nights and tired days into restful sleep and all the accompanying benefits.

If you are struggling with insomnia reach out to Dr. Fridel today.  He’s a kind, compassionate expert who teaches and guides with research based solutions that work.  I believe it is because of Dr. Fridel that I had no trouble adjusting to my CPAP.  His guidance was an essential step in my road to healthy sleep and I am so thankful to have met Dr. Fridel.

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Testimonial #2 (March, 2016)

I’ve known Dr. Fridel professionally and personally for 5 years now and it has been an absolute privilege to work with him. I always feel extremely confident referring my patients to him knowing that they will be in good hands.

Dr. Fridel relates to patients in a very genuine way and is always kind, compassionate and empathetic. He makes patients – children or adults, feel comfortable and cared for while maintaining professionalism and ethical standards.  He has been extremely creative in his ability to tailor therapies for any of our patients, and his success rates have been extremely high.

I am very fortunate to have him as a colleague.  Thanks to him our practice has been very successful in providing solutions to the most challenging cases!

Dr. Ayelet Snow, Board-certified Pediatric Sleep Physician, The Center For Sleep Medicine


Testimonial #3 (September 2016)

Where to begin? My wife and I had been struggling to figure out what to do with our older daughter and her sleep “issues”. She would constantly come into our room in the middle of night telling us that she couldn’t sleep. Usually multiple times a night. Her anxiety levels during the day were so high that we would constantly worry about whether or not she was okay. We knew that in some way everything was somehow tied together, but were at a loss as what to do. We considered pediatric psychology and other routes before contacting Dr. Fridel. I am so glad that we reached out to Dr. Fridel today, as everything has changed to the better in a short period of time.

After giving our synopsis of the situation to Dr. Fridel, he fully explained what he thought the process should be moving forward with our daughter. To our surprise, the process was very easy and organic. We really didn’t have to change many things. Just a little good orderly direction, and our lives are exponentially better. I honestly thought we were going to be heading down the therapy road with no end in sight. What we actually did was re-evaluate some of our actions and with the guidance of Dr. Fridel, have found an easy solution.

Our daughter now sleeps through the night. Every night. She is never riddled with anxiety during the day. All of her nervous behavior has dissipated and she is such a sweet child as well as much more care free. We are so grateful for the help Dr. Fridel has given us. It’s unbelievable really. You think that there are these paths because of what others have told you are necessary, all the while there are a few simple changes that were needed. I would recommend Dr. Fridel to anyone that feels that they may have sleep issues. The outcome may just change your life.

Dan and Donna L.