Global Insomnia Solutions (G.I.S.) is an online web-based medical service offered to patrons that may be suffering from a wide-range of sleep disorders.  These types of services are now commonly referred to as “telehealth” or “tele-psychology”.  Services are provided by an Illinois-state licensed clinical psychologist by video using an encrypted and password-accessible electronic video-streaming format.

Services are administered ‘live’ and in ‘real-time’ by a sleep specialist with over 30 years of experience in clinical and research sleep-medicine settings.  All provided clinical interventions are non-pharmacological and are meant to be short-term in nature. Recommendations are “tailor-suited” to each individual. The services G.I.S. provides are primarily 60-minute “person-to- person” online therapy sessions to effectively treat nearly all types of sleep disorders. We utilize all of the standard science-based treatment methods that an individual might receive at a traditional doctor’s office or at a specialized sleep clinic offering similar services.